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If you'd like the best home cleaning service in your local area then look no further than Maid2Clean. We've built a name for ourselves by providing reliable, honest and high-quality domestic cleaning services to homes all around the UK.

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Regular Cleans

Regular Cleans



One-off cleans

One-off Cleans

What house cleaning services do we provide?

We provide two types of cleaning service: one-off spring cleans or a regular weekly (or fortnightly) cleaning service, and are happy to cater for all your domestic cleaning needs, with services including ironing, dusting, polishing and vacuuming. We endeavour to provide you with a personal clean tailored to your home and at your convenience.

Regular domestic cleaning service from £14.50 per hour

This is a weekly clean which includes all cleaning duties and ironing, tailored to your needs. You'll meet with the cleaner we select and once you're happy this person will become your regular cleaner providing a personalised service which will help you keep on top of all of your domestic duties.

We can even arrange to securely hold your house keys, should you wish to come home from work to a sparkling clean house.

Not sure how many hours you need a cleaner for or what frequency is best? Most of our clients have a cleaner for 3 hours per week to keep their homes lovely and clean.

Still, have a question? View some of our most frequently asked questions.

From £14.50 per hour

One-off home cleaning service

This is just a one-off spring clean. It's an intense and thorough cleaning of your home. The cleaning visit can take up to 6 hours depending on the size and condition of your home.

It's one payment for a fully professional clean which will make your home spotless while you're at work or doing other day-to-day activities.

The cost of a one-off clean varies on the location of your home, fill out our enquiry form to get the exact prices for your area.

This service is most commonly booked for between 4-6 hours by our clients up and down the country.

We'll find a local domestic cleaner for you and fit the spring clean around your availability. Our comprehensive public liability insurance is also included for the duration of the cleaning visit.

Maid2Clean Prices

Cleaning ServicesMaid2Clean Prices
Regular weekly house cleaningFrom £14.50 per hour
Regular fortnightly house cleaningFrom £14.50 per hour
6 hours maximum for a one-off cleanCheck pricing

Prices may vary depending on the area, minimum hours may also apply. For an online estimate, please use our online booking service to get the exact rates for your property.

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Local business owners and operators

We have lots of local offices around the UK all covering the areas around them.

Most of our time is spent recruiting domestic cleaners and doing thorough background checks so we send only the best local cleaners to your home. We realise that having quality cleaners is the key to our business and work our hardest to ensure all our domestic cleaners are honest and reliable. Each one is interviewed in their own home, ID checked and reference checked.

Submit your enquiry, including the details of the property in need of a good cleaning and the nearest Maid2Clean office will get in touch with you.

Local Franchise Owners

Our services are for you

Our entire service is designed for you. From the moment you get in touch with us, your service and peace of mind are our main priorities. We'll get to work finding you a suitable cleaner to give you the best possible clean.

Maid2Clean are proud of our unique service points:

  • The agency fee you pay will never increase during the life of your contract so long as your required cleaning hours don't increase or decrease.
  • We care about the environment. We only work with local cleaners meaning we don't use vans or use excessive fuel. Even our leaflets are made from recycled paper!
  • Some of our active home cleaners have been with us for many years!
  • We interview any potential cleaners in their own home.
  • Many other cleaning firms will send different cleaners/teams of cleaners to your property at each visit. We send the same cleaner for each scheduled cleaning visit as we understand that our clients receive the best possible clean when an individual cleaner can get to know their home.
  • We give every effort to ensure you have a local cleaner to interview as soon as possible. You also get unlimited support during the time you receive our services.

Want your domestic cleaner to visit and clean when you're at home or out at work? Dependent on your preferences, services can be carried out whilst you are home or we can arrange to securely hold your keys should you wish to come back to a sparkling clean house. Upon this arrangement, a key acknowledgement form will be provided.

Enquire about our services

Simply leave your name and a form of contact, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We are industry leaders

We have decades of experience in everything domestic cleaning. With thousands of happy clients each and every week you just know that you can leave your housework in our trusted hands. Undecided? See some reasons why we think it's worth having a cleaner.

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Are you looking for a domestic cleaning job?

We're always on the lookout for experienced house cleaners around the UK who conduct themselves in a professional manner. We have regular cleaning work near to you, cleaning within private residential properties. If you want just a few extra hours each week we can definitely help you. Submit your application.

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Coverage around the UK

Some of the areas our house cleaning company cover around the UK are:

Maid2Clean covers most locations around the UK and your enquiry will always reach your local office. Go to the office which covers your area by using our office locator below:

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