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Regular Cleans

Regular Cleans



One-off cleans

One-off Cleans

Regular cleaning service

Regular weekly house cleaning could range from a minimum of 2 hours. If we arranged for a cleaner to come in every week or every fortnight, they would work through a pre-determined list of requirements that we can provide you to complete.

The cleaner will be professional in all their dealings with you as they have every incentive to become your regular cleaner. They will work with you to attend your home to clean and iron on the same day each week or fortnight - as clients love routine in their lives.

From £15 per hour

One-off cleaning service

This type of cleaning service is also known as a spring clean.

Not to be confused with our competitors, our housemaids can do as little as two hours or a maximum of five hours a blitz clean. If you need more than that then we would send a duo of cleaners for that role.

For all blitz cleans the expectation is that the client will provide the relevant cleaning products and materials and equipment for use during the blitz clean.

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£40 agency fee + £14 per hour

How much does having a cleaner cost?

Cleaning ServicesPrices
Regular weekly house cleaningFrom £15 per hour
Regular fortnightly house cleaningFrom £15.50 per hour
6 hours maximum for a one-off clean£40 booking fee plus £14 per hour

Prices may vary depending on the area, minimum hours may also apply. Our online booking service will provide you with the exact rates for your property.

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Local service

What we offer our clients

As a leading national cleaning agency, we offer friendly, experienced and insured private home cleaners in your area. Let us take care of all the demanding housework for you! From polishing the surfaces to changing the bedding - we've got your house cleaning covered from ceiling to floors!

We can even take care of your ironing for you! Call our office on 0800 669 6810 to discuss your requirements.

What makes Maid2Clean better?

  • Our cleaners are very careful and meticulous when cleaning our clients homes.
  • Our cleaners can help change your house into a comfortable home. Cleanliness is everything.
  • We only work with local cleaners, ensuring a prompt and reliable service is provided.
  • Our cleaners use their own transportation and your equipment and cleaning products & materials so the Maid2Clean carbon footprint is as tiny as it possibly can be.
  • One of our customer promises is that Maid2Clean will never increase your cleaning agency fee for your cleaner for the period that you use the same number of hours with us.
  • Maid2Clean offers you the same cleaner on a regular basis. The same person will build a fantastic working relationship with you as time goes on.
  • We do our utmost to replace your cleaner when needed and get that decision right. We firmly understand how important it is that our clients enjoy the greatest cleaning service from a competent cleaner in their home.
  • Once your interview with the cleaner we selected has been successful our friendly customer services team will help you at every step along the way of your dealings with us.
  • Every cleaner is initially interviewed on the phone and thereafter in their own homes where ID checks are made. During those meetings the cleaners cleaning capability is assessed as we expect the highest standards in our clients premises.

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