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Welcome to Maid2Clean

Our Vision – "Working hard to take the hard work out of housework in homes in Chester and surrounding local districts"

House Maid Cleaning and Ironing in Chester

We appreciate your interest in Maid2Clean Chester's services.

Maid2Clean was established in 1993 and now covers the bulk of the UK. In that time we have carried out in excess of 2 million domestic service cleaning jobs. Homes and residence owners use us to supply regular cleaning and ironing services.

Our services include end of tenancy cleans and we can accommodate some commercial cleaning. Call us for details.

We cover private homes all over the UK but particularly in the Chester and associated areas. We can provide you with a cleaner for you home. Our domestic home cleaning removes the need for you to worry about it getting done. Making you happy is our goal!

You may be surprised to know we are one of the largest cleaning providers in the UK providing much needed work for thousands of cleaners throughout the UK.

Why not use us for your regular house cleaning and ironing? We can be reached on the number below.

Local business owners and operators

Franchise Owners - Mike Hanrahan

Maid2Clean Chester Operator Mike Hanrahan is the local owner of Maid2Clean Chester. A personal message from Mike:

"Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Finding the right local cleaner is something we take very seriously. We’re here to make the process as stress free as possible and would love to help. The cleaners we use have been hand-picked from dozens of applicants because we want you to receive the best possible agency service. Call us now (or complete the form section), and we’ll be delighted to help you find and interview the right cleaner for you."

Maid2Clean's regular cleaning service starts from just £9.25 per hour and there are no hidden charges.

Life is busy enough...

How can Maid2Clean serve you?

By taking care of your domestic cleaning needs we make it easy for you to get your home spotless ensuring you spend more time for the important things in life.

Cleaners supplied by Maid2Clean are local to you. We will strive to provide the greatest value service we can. Use Maid2Clean for all your home cleaning and ironing and domestic chores.

Maid2Clean is the agency service provider that you can trust. On your behalf, we find (Maid2Search) and supply home help and assistance where you need it the most. Please tell your friends about us and be rewarded for your trouble.

Maid2Clean Chester works hard to advertise and register workers to clean in residences like your own every week only after interviewing them in their own home (Maid2View) to verify their ability to clean to standard.

We supply our cleaning clients with the right house cleaner in the Chester and circling districts.

We marry up (Maid2Match) your requirement with a local cleaner only after following up their references. You can interview (Maid2View) our cleaner before taking him/her on. Your maid will be the same cleaning person thereafter.

Your local Maid2clean Chester office will manage to replace the maid for you in the event of sickness and holidays (Maid2Change)

The majority of our clients prefer require a standard regular clean every week but irregular ad-hoc cleans (Maid2Blitz) service can be accommodated.

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