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Domestic cleaning service Hereford

Are you looking for a domestic cleaner in Domestic cleaning service Hereford?

We offer everything from regular domestic home cleans to one-off blitz cleans. Our residential cleaners in Hereford are all proud to represent Maid2Clean. Maid2Clean is one of the longest serving cleaning Agencies in Hereford. Are you tired of doing the cleaning or don't have enough time to keep on top of the housework? Then why not have a cleaner to take the weight off your shoulders?

We are proud to be Hereford's most recommended cleaning company-providing quality, affordable & reliable cleaning services. Our cleaning services in Hereford have been around for over a decade.

Of all the cleaning services companies in Hereford we think you should choose Maid2Clean. The cleaning rates in Hereford are relatively high in comparison to Maid2Clean. Our cleaning service prices and rates are highly competitive.

Why not use Maid2Clean, a reliable cleaning agency in Hereford?

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The Service

If you have a regular cleaning service with us ,you will get the same cleaner visit you each week-as standard.

Prior to starting the service we will arrange for the cleaner to visit you at your home for an initial interview. Once you are happy to proceed,you will keep the same cleaner all the time unless you request to change for any reason.This makes it a really personal service. We will provide cover cleaners where possible due to holidays or sickness.


All our cleaners are from the local area, they are insured.Before we offer them any work they are interviewed in their own homes and reference checked to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy.


The cleaner will use your cleaning materials.This keeps the cost of the service down, and ensures that only the materials you prefer are used.

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the service you choose,there are different prices for each. There are no hidden costs.

Regular Cleaning Services from £11.68/hour.

Our regular weekly or fortnightly service starts from just £11.68/hour depending on the area and amount of hours you have. We work on a sliding scale so the more hours you have the less it costs!

One-off Cleaning

This is a 'One-off' Blitz clean, which is an intense spring clean. These cleans are based on a minimum of 2 hrs up to a maximum of 5 hrs per cleaner visit. As with our regular cleaner service, the cleaner will use the client's cleaning materials and equipment.

The Areas We Cover

HR1, HR2, NP4, NP7, NP8, NP11, NP12, NP13, NP24, NP44, CF81, CF82 and surrounding areas

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