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Domestic Cleaning Services in Diggle

We're still open for business and are providing enhanced cleaning services to those clients who request us to

Are you looking for the best domestic cleaners in Diggle? Welcome to Maid2Clean! We provide trustworthy reliable cleaners on a regular & one-off basis with comprehensive insurance cover included.

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Regular Cleans

Regular Cleans



One-off cleans

One-off Cleans

Enhanced Services now available

During these uncertain times many of our clients are isolating and unable to carry out many basic tasks that normally would have been possible.

We've temporarily introduced some additional services that should help all of our clients through this stressful time and ensure our loyal and faithful cleaner workforce have continued income to help them through this. The following services can be requested of your cleaner at any time:

No contact Shopping

Our cleaners can do your shopping to make sure you have all the essentials (assuming availability). The cleaner would come to you, collect the list and money and return with your goods.

No contact Washing and Ironing
Washing and Ironing

Our cleaners can collect your washing, take it home with them to wash and iron it & return to you the following day.

No contact Dog Walking
Dog Walking

If you're self isolating and have a pet we can ensure it gets the exercise it needs. Our cleaner would collect your pet, take it out for a walk and then return it to you. Please note: you will have to make sure that your pet insurance covers this.

Additional guidance for our cleaning services
  • Social distancing: If you are able to go out then your cleaner can clean your home during your absence, or you can stay in one room maintaining the recommended 2 metre social distance.
  • Payments: If you currently pay your cleaner in cash, then you are now able to ask for their account details and pay them by bank transfer.
Regular home cleaning service

Cleaning your home each week/fortnight can be a thing of the past! Most of our clients book a cleaner with us for 3 hours each week, this ensures their homes are keep nice and tidy.

We'll find the right cleaner for your home and your specific requirements and provide you the option of interviewing suitable cleaners before any cleaning work is carried out. If you're happy with the cleaner we send then they'll become your regular cleaner and will keep on-top of all your domestic chores on a regular basis.

Your regular cleaner will be happy to securely hold your house keys should you require the cleaning of your home to be carried out even when you're not there.

From £11.50 per hour

One-off home cleaning

This is just a one-time clean of your home carried out by a suitable domestic cleaner in the local area. It's the best rated service for those that just need a top-to-bottom once over to help them keep get their home looking lovely again throughout. This service is very popular locally in Delph with customers that are expecting guests and would like their home gleaming clean prior to anyone coming over.

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£30 agency fee + £10 per hour

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How much does a house cleaner cost in Diggle?

Cleaning Services Prices
Regular weekly house cleaning From £11.50 per hour
Regular fortnightly house cleaning From £12 per hour
6 hours maximum for a one-off clean £30 booking fee plus £10 per hour

Prices may vary depending on the area, minimum hours may also apply. Our online booking service will provide you with the exact rates for your property.

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Highly rated services

You don't just have to take our word for it! We're the most highly rated cleaning agency in the UK with thousands of online reviews left by current and past customers. Our services are very reliable and we have a great reputation both locally and nationally due to our brilliant cleaners.

Booking a house cleaning service in Diggle can be done within minutes, simply give us a quick call on 0800 688 9953 or submit your enquiry online through our website.

Quality domestic cleaning

We can help with lots of domestic cleaning tasks, such as:

Cleaning tasks
  • Floors & Carpets
  • Kitchen Units & Worktops
  • Bathrooms & Lavatories
  • Vacuuming & Dusting
  • Internal Windows
  • Ironing

We also provide lots of different benefits for our clients, including:

  • Our simple system is brilliantly cost effective, so it's no surprise our clients rate us for value.
  • All cleaners are insured to work in your home - this is covered within the hourly rate.
  • If your cleaner is off sick or on holiday, temporary cover can be provided on request.
  • You're welcome to contact us anytime for help or information. We offer great personal service, so please be assured we'll do everything in our power to get things absolutely right for you.
  • Our business is environmentally friendly. With local cleaners and no vans or materials, our carbon footprint is tiny!

For bookings or further information - contact us on 0800 688 9953 today!

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