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Welcome to the Maid2Clean Walsall & Burntwood's webpage - Walsall's Domestic Cleaning and Ironing Maids Services

Local business owners and operator

Franchise Owners - Mike Hanrahan

Maid2Clean Operator Mike Hanrahan is the local owner of Maid2Clean Walsall. Here is a personal message from Mike:

"Hello. I'm Mike and I hope to look after your home cleaning needs."

We cover following postcodes in Walsall.

Walsall WS2
Walsall WS3
Walsall WS4
Walsall WS6
Burntwood WS7
Willenhall WV12

Finding a local, honest and reliable cleaner is not an easy task and thousands of people have entrusted Maid2clean to do this. Our core activities are to advertise for a cleaner on your behalf, interview them in their own home, take ID, reference and eligibility to work checks, marry up the closest geographical cleaner to you, insure against damage caused and replace them if they are on holiday, poorly or even unsatisfactory. We therefore take our cleaner recruitment very seriously AND ATTEMPT to find the right LOCAL cleaner for you as soon as IS PRACTICALLY possible. Give us a chance to serve you by calling (or completing the form),and our friendly team would be delighted to walk you through our service"

So thank you for your interest in Maid2Clean Walsall's home cleaning services. Would you like to come home to a clean house every week? Walsall's best house cleaning agency serves the majority of the Walsall & Burntwood area. We focus on customer satisfaction when serving private reference checked cleaners to homes and flats all over the & Burntwood area. Particularly in the Walsall & Burntwood area our cleaning service is highly sought after. We can provide you with a reliable house cleaner / ironer for you home.

Were you aware that Maid2Clean is one of the largest cleaning providers in the UK with some 18,500 registered cleaners. We are local to you and specialise in cleaning homes all over the UK but particularly in the Walsall & Burntwood). Supplying you with cleaners for home domestic duties is our game.

You may be aware that it is difficult to get good, reliable cleaners in Walsall. We work hard so you don't have to in providing affordable quality residential house cleaning and ironing maid services throughout Walsall & Burntwood and the surrounding areas. Are you looking for a regular, reliable, honest domestic cleaning company with reliable cleaners?

There are many types of home cleaning businesses in Walsall. If you have tried them and now want the best there is - you have found us. Our high agency reputation has been built over the years on the provision of home cleaners in Walsall & Burntwood who are honest, reliable and good at cleaning.

What do we offer?

We offer housekeeping domestic cleaning services, ironing services and spring cleaning services that get your general housework duties done whilst removing the hassle of advertising for your own cleaner and interviewing them - giving more time for you to get on with your life and leisure interests.

Happy cleaning clients are what all the cleaning agencies strive for. We aim to achieve this with quality residential cleaning services tailored to your needs. We also offer spring cleaning to houses, flats, apartments and mansions, even at the end of tenancies. We stand out from other domestic cleaning companies in Walsall.

Most clients use our Maid2Clean domestic cleaning company for regular house cleaning and ironing. Feel free to call us now for a chat about your housekeeping services cleaning needs or our domestic cleaning prices in Walsall. We offer the best cleaning service in Walsall, and the same cleaner every week.

We have been trading since 1993 and now covers residential house cleaning in the majority of the Walsall & Burntwood post codes. Owners of homes use our services to find them a cleaner to supply regular cleaning and ironing services or even a spring cleaning services, knowing we have fantastic, insured domestic cleaning services and rates in Walsall.

We want you to know that we will endeavour to do our utmost to serve your domestic cleaning needs as efficiently as possible whilst you enjoy our low cost, high value domestic cleaning rates.

We source reliable cleaners who are local based with the aim of giving providing you with the very best home housekeeping and cleaning help whether it's on a regular, weekly or fortnightly intervals. Ad-hoc or one-off cleans domestic cleans can be provided too or even an introductory service.

We are the Walsall & Burntwood agency service of choice that you can rest your hat on. We concentrate on your needs, searching, reference checking and supplying housekeepers, ironers and cleaners where your needs need come first.

Feel free to inform your family friends about our services. We are happy to be reward your for your recommendation. (Ask for details of how our cleaning service rates and referral reward system works).

We are here to supply your home with the right home cleaner for you in the Walsall & Burntwood and encircling areas.

Maid2Clean works hard to advertise and register workers to clean in homes like yours only after interviewing them in their own home thereafter we verify their ability to clean to standard before you can interview them in your home.

We allocate your domestic needs with a local ironer/cleaner only after first calling their referees and satisfying ourselves that they are who they say they are and they are able to work as they claim.

All clients have the opportunity to interview the cleaner before taking him/her on in their own homes to satisfy themselves yourself that personalities are comfortable and compatible with each other. The system works best if your home maid will be the same cleaning person/ironer thereafter. People like dealing with people know and trust.

Your local Maid2Clean Walsall & Burntwood office will manage to replace the cleaning person for you in the event of sickness and holidays or even in the unlikely event that they prove to be unreliable..

The bulk of Maid2Clean prefer require a standard regular clean every week but we can accommodate changes to that or even irregular ad-hoc cleans or even an introductory service id necessary. Please call us to discuss.

Our Vision – "Working hard to take the hard work out of housework in homes in Walsall & Burntwood and it's local districts"

We make it easy to get your house cleaned. Are you looking for a quality, reliable, good cleaning service? Our cleaners provide a cleaning service to your home ensuring your housework requirements are met. Satisfaction is what we're here for. We can also clean properties at end of tenancy lets too.

Let us help your regular house cleaning and ironing chores? Call us for a chat about your requirements. Maid2Clean was established in 1993 and now covers the bulk of the UK. In that time we have serviced in excess of 2 million regular domestic service cleans. Private residential house blitz's and regular cleaning and ironing services are what we can provide.

Maid2Clean's regular cleaning service starts from just £11.68 per hour and there are no hidden charges.

Local to you, Maid2Clean Walsall & Burntwood provides best value local domestic help on a regular, weekly, fortnightly basis. Even occasional cleans can be accommodated. Maid2Clean is an agency you can trust. We find, interview, reference check and supply of home assistance where you need it most. Tell your friends about us and be rewarded for your trouble. We can supply cleaners in Walsall & Burntwooda nd local districts.

Maid2Clean Walsall & Burntwood advertises and registers workers to clean in residences like your own every week only after interviewing them in their own home to verify their ability to clean to standard.

We marry up your requirement with a local cleaner only after following up their references. You can interview (Maid2View) our cleaner before taking him/her on. Your maid will be the same cleaning person thereafter.

Your local Maid2clean Walsall & Burntwood office will manage to replace the maid for you in the event of sickness and holidays.

The majority of our clients prefer require a standard regular clean every week but irregular ad-hoc cleans (Maid2Blitz) service can be accommodated.

Maid2Clean Walsall's Unique Service Points

1. Our guarantee is to you is that our Maid2Clean service price will never increase provided you continue using the service and have the same amount of hours with us.

2. We care about the environment. With local cleaners from the Telford and surrounding areas, no vans or materials, our carbon footprint is as small as it can be, even our leaflets are made from recycled paper and hand delivered on foot.

3. We endeavour to provide the same cleaner each week for your peace of mind.

4. Did you know that Maid2Clean interviews Cleaners in their own home to establish the cleaner's standard of cleaning?

5. We do not claim to be the best domestic cleaning agency services provider - our clients in Walsall do!

6. A number of our house maid cleaners have been on our books for more than a decade.

7. The industry 'norm' is to supply a different team of cleaners to your house each visit. Your local Maid2clean franchisee understands that you are most likely to receive an excellent cleaning service from a maid that understands your cleaning and ironing needs over time, so we strive to meet your requirements with the same cleaner each week on a nationwide basis. By doing so you develop a long-term, happy and professional working relationship with your Maid2Clean worker.

8. We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure you have a cleaner to interview as soon as possible after registering with us and will be given unlimited support thereafter. Please ring us today to request a local Walsall & Burntwoodcleaner for you.

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