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Make Your House a Home This Festive Season

With the month of December almost on us it is the perfect time to get your home in tip-top condition ready for the festive season.

If you don’t want to have to worry about doing all those jobs around the house that seem to take forever why not consider using Maid2Clean to take care of these jobs around the house for you. You’ll get a professionally cleaned house (either regularly or a single one-off clean) but most importantly there will be more free time for you. More time to spend with your family, more time to do what you want to do and perhaps even more time to spend shopping for presents!

So why not find your local Maid2Clean office by typing in your postcode below, we are confident you’ll be delighted with the results. You can also view our reviews on Trustpilot to see what our customers have to say.


Here Comes Summer!

It finally feels like summer is upon us!

When you look outside and see blue skies and the sun shining you are immediately filled with ideas of what to do and how to spend your time. Maybe a trip to the beach? Enjoying time in your garden? Taking the family out for a walk? Even going to work seems a bit easier when the sun is out.

But the last thing most people want to do when the weather is hot is clean their house. And that is where Maid2Clean come in; we provide our customers with reliable, professional domestic cleaner to take care of the jobs that you either don’t have time to do or just don’t want to do.

Our domestic cleaners take care of many jobs around your home such as cleaning floors, carpets, furniture, kitchen worktops, cleaning your bathroom, indoor windows, vacuuming and dusting. You can tailor your cleaner’s duties to match your specific requirements too.

So why not get yourself a regular Maid2Clean domestic cleaner so you can spend more time doing what you want to do!

Regular Clean or One-Off Clean?

The professionalism, reliability and cleaning service provided by Maid2Clean is second to none. Our clients are so impressed that they use our cleaning services on a regular basis. A regular domestic cleaner ensure your house is clean all year round and the value for money is superb.

Sometimes you may prefer to have a one-off spring clean (or Blitz clean) from Maid2Clean which provides you with a more intensive and thorough house clean. Both options can be tailored to suit your own personal requirements, simply go to and type your postcode in to find your local office.

Regular Domestic Cleaning

Regular domestic cleaning services from Maid2Clean can be either weekly or fortnightly and provide excellent levels of cleaning for a very competitive price.

You’ll get to interview your chosen cleaner for your own peace of mind and if your cleaner is every ill or on holiday a replacement will be provided.

One-Off Clean

For a more intensive clean, our Blitz cleaning service provides you with a much longer clean to ensure your house is spotless from top to bottom.

No matter which option is best for you, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the service you get from Maid2Clean!

Domestic Cleaner Reviews

At Maid2Clean we encourage feedback from our customers and always work hard to improve our business based on our customer reviews.

We are delighted that the majority of our customers are delighted with the quality and professionalism of our domestic cleaners and we strive to keep this high standard up.

Below are just a few snippets from reviews we’ve received at Maid2Clean:

A professional outfit from the beginning. A quick response, an interview with a charming lady who was able to start as soon as I wanted.”
“Maria is really helping our lifestyle, she is so willing to do all we ask and is a very likable person.”
“My cleaner is superb at her job, honest & reliable and an exceedingly pleasant person and I could not ask for better.”
“The cleaners fulfill their duties efficiently and are cheerful and willing to tackle all tasks.”
“This has made my very busy life a lot easier”
“… they have also been helpful and willing to go that extra mile. I am very satisfied with the service I have received from Maid2Clean.”
“The day I decided to make the phone call to Maid2Clean was one of the best decisions I have made.”
“We will definitely be looking to use Maid2Clean again when we move into our new house.”
“Value for money and completely reliable.”
“I am so pleased I chose Maid2Clean. Would really recommend it to everyone.”
“As there is a regular cleaner allocated to you it is a very personal service.”

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to leave your comments and feedback about Maid2Clean.

Common Questions About Our Domestic Cleaning Service

Maid2Clean domestic cleaners are professional, hardworking and will leave your home clean and tidy so you can spend your time doing what you want to do. If you’ve never used a domestic cleaner before then the chances are you’ll have a few questions or would like to know more about the process.

We have a dedicated frequently asked questions page on our website and we’ve written this blog post to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions about hiring a domestic cleaner.

What happens if my cleaner is sick?

If your cleaner is sick please call Maid2Clean and we will arrange suitable cover for you. If your cleaner is on holiday we will also arrange an alternative for you.

Are the cleaners vetted?

Maid2Clean use several vetting techniques including telephone interviews followed by more in depth interviews in their own home. We also require proof of ID, address and references before we decide to accept them.

Can I meet the cleaner before going ahead?

When a cleaner is allocated to you they will call you to arrange an interview at a time to suit you. This allows you to ask your own questions and arrange your preferred regular cleaning times with the cleaner.

Do I supply cleaning materials or does the cleaner bring them?

Our cleaners do not carry their own cleaning materials and will need to use your own materials. We find most clients prefer this method as it give them more control over what cleaning materials are used in their homes and it helps keep the overall costs down further.

What happens if I am not happy with my cleaner?

If you wish to change cleaner just give us a call and we will assist further.

5 Benefits of a Maid2Clean Domestic Cleaner


Our domestic cleaners are reliable and are selected from our extensive database of cleaners across the country. In most instances they provide a regular cleaning service but if you require a one-off spring clean Maid2Clean can arrange this for you.


Maid2Clean domestic cleaners are professional so you can expect a very high level of quality. A lot of our cleaners have been with us for many years, some for over a decade!


We aim to provide you with the same cleaner every single week to help you get to know them and for them to get to know you and the way you like your house to be cleaned. If the cleaner is ill or on holiday we will endeavour to arrange a suitable replacement for you.


You get the chance to meet and interview your cleaner in your own home beforehand so you can judge the applicants standard of cleaning for yourself. You are in full control at all times.


A regular domestic cleaner from Maid2Clean can be very good value for money. But it’s not just value for money they will provide, we give you back some free time which is the most valuable thing of all.

Spring Is Just Around The Corner!

What terrible weather the UK has been experiencing over the last few weeks. We hope you’re all safe and haven’t seen too much damage done to your property.

Spring officially starts later in March and with the sun shining again this morning we all hope the weather is starting to change for the better.  Fingers crossed!

At Maid2Clean we don’t just provide regular cleaning services, we also provide a special one-off clean or ‘spring clean’ service. This is a more intense clean and is ideal for getting your house in tip-top condition from top to bottom. Our cleaners can discuss the specific domestic cleaning duties you require so you can be sure your house will be cleaned to your own specification.

To find out more about our one-off spring clean service please type your postcode or town below to find your local Maid2Clean office:


What makes Maid2Clean stand out from the crowd?

Maid2Clean have lots of benefits and exclusive services to ensure our domestic cleaning standards are extremely high. We take a great deal of pride in maintaining these standards and are always delighted to get feedback complimenting us on our service.

You can read some of our customers kind words and testimonials on our TrustPilot page. It is our aim to keep these high standards of domestic cleaning throughout your time with us and we always appreciate your feedback.

Our cleaning service is particularly popular because we strive to ensure you get the same cleaner every single time. If your cleaner is ill or on holiday we’ll arrange a replacement for you.

In addition to this we allow our customers to interview their cleaner before going ahead to ensure they are compatible and happy to proceed.

It’s little touches like this that help us stand out from the crowd and we look forward to maintaining these exceptionally high standards for the future.

Maid2Clean on TrustPilot

Finding Domestic Cleaning Jobs

Are you looking for a domestic cleaning job in the United Kingdom? If so, did you know Maid2Clean has hundreds of offices around the country looking for professional domestic cleaners.

There are several ways you can check on the latest recruitment opportunities and begin the application process with Maid2Clean including:

Your Local Maid2Clean Office

The easiest way to find your local Maid2Clean office is to search for your nearest Maid2Clean office. To get started please type your postcode of town in to the box below and click the ‘Find My Cleaner’ button.

Once you’ve found your nearest office you’ll see either a recruitment page or a button to apply to be a cleaner on their website. You’ll also find contact details on their website if you need to ask any questions about recruitment or current availability:


Nationwide Cleaner Jobs

Another way to search for domestic cleaning jobs is to use the Nationwide Cleaner Jobs website. This website lists hundreds of domestic cleaning positions around the UK and you can even apply directly via the website.

Good luck!

Maid2Clean Franchise

Are you interested in becoming a Maid2Clean Franchise? Please click here to learn more...

Are you looking for a cleaning job? Visit our recruitment website, Nationwide Cleaner Jobs!