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Welcome to Maid2Clean. Our house cleaning services in Mill Hill are very well known for being reliable, affordable and insured! All our cleaners are thoroughly vetted for our clients peace of mind. Contact us today!

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Regular Cleans

Regular Cleans



One-off cleans

One-off Cleans

Regular weekly house cleaning in Mill Hill

Looking to get your house cleaned on a regular basis? Leave it to us!

With Maid2Clean the same cleaner will then attend each scheduled clean, you also get the option of meeting the cleaner before any cleaning takes place. We know its for the best that our clients have a cleaner they can get to know as well as for the cleaner to get to know your home and your specific cleaning requirements, helping them know exactly what needs doing each regular cleaning visit.

If your regular cleaner is unable to clean for any reason such as being unwell or going on holiday, we can also put a temporary cover cleaner in place until they're able to clean again - just ask our local office team to organise it.

From £18.20 per hour

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One-off home cleaning service

A one-off clean of your home when you need it most! This service is avaiable for 2-6 hour bookings on a single day. If more hours are needed this can also be arranged by talking with our friendly office team.

We will take care of all your general domestic cleaning tasks such as sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, making beds, tidying kitchens, ironing and vacuuming and so much more! One of our top rated cleaners will help with any reasonable domestic cleaning task upon request.

This is clean you need for before a party or family gathering! Book online with us today or call our office team on 0800 622 6714 to get your clean booked in. We have some of our most frequently asked questions listed here on our website if you still have some questions about the services we provide.

£50 agency fee + £15.50 per hour

How much does a house cleaner cost in Mill Hill?

Cleaning ServicesPrices
Regular weekly house cleaningFrom £18.20 per hour
Regular fortnightly house cleaningFrom £18.70 per hour
6 hours maximum for a one-off clean£50 booking fee plus £15.50 per hour

Prices may vary depending on the area, minimum hours may also apply. For an online estimate, please use our online booking service to get the exact rates for your property.

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Same Cleaner

We know our stuff

When it comes to domestic cleaning, we're the experts! We've been providing house cleaning services across the UK since 1993 with friendly reliable cleaners. For a great cleaning service from the very start contact us here at Maid2Clean today on 0800 622 6714 or enquire through our website.

More on our services:

  • We provide you with the same cleaner each scheduled cleaning visit.
  • All cleaners are vetted and insured during each clean for our clients peace of mind.
  • You can change your cleaner at any time.
  • Sickness and holiday cover is available.
  • Our flexible service is designed to suit your needs.
  • The price you pay will never increase during the life of your contract as long as your hours don't increase or decrease.
  • We care about the environment and it is for this reason we only work with local cleaners meaning we don't use vans or use excessive fuel. Even our leaflets are made from recycled paper!
  • Some of our cleaners around the local area have been with us for many years.
  • We interview any potential cleaners in their own home - inspecting their cleaning ability.
  • You receive support when you need it from our administration team during the time that you receive our services.

Our local office can be reached on 0800 622 6714, give us a quick call today!

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Looking for cleaning jobs in Mill Hill?

We can provide you with local clients on days and at times which suit you best. Find out more about cleaning alongside Maid2Clean on our recruitment page below.

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