Are you interested in a regular cleaning job in Rugby?

Maid2Clean has a reputation for treating our cleaners fairly and we always have a place for good, reliable, local cleaners in our business. We can offer a variety of hours and locations giving you the flexibility to suit your individual circumstances.

Some of the many reasons why you should work with Maid2Clean:

  • Get paid between £8.50 - 10.00 per hour (dependant on areas and types of clean)
  • We offer you local clients to keep your travelling cost and time down
  • Cleaning jobs in Rugby are strictly in private homes - we will not ask you to do any commercial cleaning work
  • You have your own set of clients that you work for every week (or fortnight)
  • You have the freedom to fit your work around your family life and/or other commitments. We will never ask you to do more hours than you can handle
  • All work is offered to you - if it doesn't suit you, you can say no.
  • We arrange for you to meet the clients before you start work for them, to make sure you like each other and understand what's expected
  • Clients provide you with the cleaning materials and supplies - no need to carry your own around
  • You have job security - cleaners who do a good job and are loyal to Maid2Clean will have no problem keeping their clients and will be given replacement clients if any do cancel
  • You are paid on the day of the clean by the clients - usually in cash
  • You can also be offered one-off spring cleaning jobs in Rugby with a higher hourly pay
  • You will work on a self-employed basis

What does 'self-employed' mean?

  • It's simple - all you need to do is fill in a form to register as self-employed and then inform the tax office once a year how much you've earned
  • You are then responsible for paying any Income Tax and National Insurance, where any is due
  • If you have no other income you should be able to earn up to £12,500.00 per year before you need to pay any income tax (as at 2018), that's about 25 hours of our cleaning work per week in your pocket! This is just a guide - check with the tax office for your own circumstances.
  • If you earn more than the tax threshold in a tax year (including any other jobs you have), you could claim your work expenses against any due tax amount - clothing and travel for example
  • You may be able to secure contributions towards your state pension by paying just £2.95 N.I. per week when you register. Above the threshold you will pay more N.I. Again this is a guide - please check with your tax office.
  • Any job can affect State Benefits and you may need to tell your local Job Centre
  • Like any job, you can qualify for in-work benefits, such as working tax credits - talk to your local Job Centre

What we require from you as a cleaner:

As a cleaner of Maid2Clean we ask that you perform the tasks required by the clients to the best of your ability including, but not limited to:

  • Being absolutely reliable, honest and courteous
  • Always arriving at interviews or cleans when you are due - or let us and the client know well in advance if there are problems
  • Supplying us with at least two written references before working with us
  • Delighting all of the clients with a great cleaning job, every time. That way the clients want to keep you as their nominated cleaner.

We're waiting to hear from you! Apply below:

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We require two written references on file before any work is offered, it's best to get these done as early as possible.

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Please tick below to confirm you understand that all work through Maid2Clean is strictly on a self-employed basis & all work is built up over a period of time.


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Applicants will need to provide us with two written references, either at the interview - or shortly after.

You can ask your referees to fill out our online reference form located here

Alternatively, you can download our reference template, print it out for your referees to complete & then post them to us.

Self Employment Advice

If you need help registering as self employed to begin your partnership with Maid2Clean, the HMRC helpline listed below will be able to provide you with all the necessary information and documentation you require.

Newly Self-Employed Helpline (HMRC):

This helpline enables you to register for National Insurance, tax and VAT.

Telephone Number: 0300 200 3504

For more information about registering as self-employed visit the GOV.UK Website

Additional Links

Online Reference Form

Reference Template (for printing)

Our Handy, Cleaner Handbook


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