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Who Uses Domestic Cleaning Services?

We at Maid2Clean see a wealth of completely different people using our home cleaning services. The scope of this user base is vast and each individual has their own reasons for choosing to have a domestic cleaner in their home, but they all get the same great service time and time again.

There really is no stereotype when you look at who uses Maid2Clean. Ages of our customers range from early 20’s right up to people in retirement. There is a mix of families, single people, couples, — men and women use our services equally too.

One group of people are those that don’t have the time required to clean their home as they would wish. Some examples of these people are pilots or doctors. When they come to us they tell us that they just don’t find enough time in the day to complete basic cleaning tasks. Before long they find their home in an almost unmanageable state. That is where our regular cleaning service comes in and helps them on their way.

Every time from then on they come home they find their home in an immaculate state with a pleasant, fresh smell in the air.

Another group of people who use our service are those that can manage to clean their home but want an extra, intense deep-clean applied. This is perfect, for example, if renters are moving out and want to leave the property in the cleanest state as possible. We even clean people’s homes who are looking to sell their property but never find the time to clean it. A clean home can make all the difference when it comes to selling a property!

We also provide services to those who cannot physically manage to clean their homes, such as the frail or disabled, many of whom are house-proud but cannot, to their dismay, keep their home spic and span. In such cases we provide an unrivalled regular clean, one of which we are very proud of and help people feel proud of their homes again.

Busy working couples or singles also come looking for our aid. We provide ironing as part of our standard service and often find that these people never have the time, or will, to iron their clothes. We provide much needed and sought after services to help people focus on what they want to do with their time.

So as you can see we provide cleaning services to a plethora of customers in a complete range of circumstances and personal situations. We empower people to take back their free time and spend it how they wish to: with friends or engaging in activities and hobbies that they truly enjoy instead of being stuck vacuuming the carpets or talking the mountain of ironing. So why not take a peek at what services we provide and maybe you can find a large quantity of valuable free time on your hands!

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