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Keep Your Wooden Furniture Gleaming

If you take time to clean your wooden furniture properly you can benefit from extending its life, whether you have an antique family heirloom or a cheap but cheerful flatpack bookcase.  To keep on track with your wooden furniture care here are some tips for getting into a good cleaning routine, which the Maid2Clean domestic cleaners in Croydon employ:

Once a week, take a soft cloth and wipe over the surface.  Microfibre cloths are best for removing dust.  If you have furniture with mouldings and intricate carvings then a small paintbrush or the attachment to your vacuum cleaner can be used to loosen any embedded dust.

It isn’t necessary to polish your wooden furniture with wax but if you use it sparingly, it can keep the wood protected and can also be buffed up to give a nice finish.  Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe over the surface of the piece of furniture to begin with.  This will avoid you trapping any dust and dirt when you apply the wax.

This needs only to be applied a couple of times a year – stick to the same type of wax to avoid any issues.  Waxing may sound too much trouble to fit into your busy schedule, so for a professional finish try a home cleaner in York. A home cleaner may be the answer for a professional finish.

If you want to leave your cleaning chores to the professionals at Maid2Clean we have great services provided by home cleaners in York and elsewhere to tackle all your cleaning chores. An expert home cleaner in Croydon offers fantastic results every time.

Services: Domestic Cleaning In York

As one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of domestic cleaning services we now also offer you our domestic house cleaning services in York.

Maid2Clean have hundreds of domestic cleaners to do domestic house cleaning services in York and by using our domestic cleaning services you will be able to do a pre cleaning interview with a domestic cleaner that we have pre selected according to your specifications. If you are happy with our choice, you can then choose from our list of services by using our cleaner checklist to specify exactly what you need to be done.

Our domestic cleaning services and domestic house cleaning services in York includes vacuuming, ironing, wiping of surfaces, polishing and the cleaning of bathrooms toilets and kitchens.

If you have a look at our cleaning checklist, which you can download from our web site, you will see that we have a breakdown of all rooms and areas in your home or apartment and you can check or tick the areas and specific types of tasks that you would like our domestic cleaning services to perform for you.

As an example, on the bathrooms and toilets section of our domestic house cleaning services in York checklist you will find the following options to choose from: Sweep or vacuum floor, mop floor, dust and wipe skirtings, dust and wipe doors, dust and wipe sills, clean windows, clean mirrors and pictures, dust surfaces, clean the bath, basin and taps, clean the shower cubicle, clean the toilet and bidet, wipe all tiled surfaces and another section where you can add additional tasks that we do not provide for.

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