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Taking Care Of Your Glassware

There is nothing quite as beautiful as sparkling and shining glassware.  Equally there is nothing quite as unattractive as smudged and dull glassware that shows watermarks or is covered in a dull white film.  It need only take a small amount of time to make sure you have stunningly beautiful glass. The tips below are devised by Maid2Clean’s experts with years of experience in home cleaning in Northstaffs.

Never put expensive drinking glasses into the dishwasher.  Glasses that have been cleaned regularly in a dishwasher develop a white film across their surface and this discolouration may become permanent.  This may be acceptable for cheap, bargain glasses but not for expensive crystal glasses.

To clean up cloudy looking glasses soak them in warm vinegar and then scrub using white toothpaste.  If this doesn’t work, then it is probably due to the glass having been scratched by the dishwasher and unfortunately they can no longer be salvaged, not even by professional domestic cleaners in Southend.

Make sure you wash crystal glasses and other glassware that you want to keep shiny by hand.  You can use standard washing up liquid and rinse off any residue with clean warm water.  A plastic bowl is best so that you don’t inadvertently knock the glass against hard surfaces.  Leave the glassware to dry on a clean towel with the bottom up or buff the glassware carefully using a lint free cloth.

When it comes to domestic cleaners in Southend, there are many professional cleaners that can make sure that your glassware is well cared for.  At Maid2Clean we offer a full range of home cleaning services around Northstaffs, Southend and other areas.

Keep the upholstery fresh

If you have a disaster with the sofa, never fear; there are many ways of getting it clean again.  However, firstly take a look at the label to ensure you don’t make any basic mistakes. However, if you’d prefer to leave this task to efficient home cleaners in Southend, Maid2Clean are here to answer your call.

You can get yourself into a regime for keeping your upholstery looking brand new:

•    Once a week – take a vacuum cleaner over the surface of the sofa and chairs to maintain its finish for longer.  If you get those vacuum cleaner tools out you’ll be able to get into all the nooks and crannies to ensure a super clean finish.
•    Every few weeks – take any loose covers off and clean them. If you follow the instructions left by the manufacturer you won’t go wrong and remember some covers may be dry clean only.  If they can be machine washed, put them back on the sofa when still damp.  This will help to get them back into shape.
•    Every few months – take time to clean fixed covers that are washable.  Using a gentle solution of laundry detergent or washing up liquid mixed with warm water you’ll get rid of any dirty marks.  Try an area that is hidden at first to ensure it doesn’t damage the fabric.Avoid getting the surface too wet and dry it quickly.  You can speed up the drying by dabbing the area with a dry cloth, opening the windows or using a hairdryer.

Home cleaning services in Southend can cater for all your upholstery cleaning needs.  Here at Maid2Clean, we have an expert team to provide excellent home cleaning services in Southend and elsewhere.

Domestic cleaners in Croydon make dirty ovens history

Cleaning the oven is for many the absolute worst nightmare, so here are some tips for getting it gleaming if you’d prefer to tackle it yourself rather than employing the services offered by domestic cleaners in Croydon.

Non-caustic approach:
Use bicarbonate of soda which has been mixed with water into a thick paste.  Take the paste and then smear it over the sides of the oven ensuring everything is covered.  Leave the paste to work its magic overnight and then in the morning roll up those sleeves and get scrubbing with a scourer.

Caustic approach:
This is less work but you’ll need to make more preparations.  Get together a bowl of ammonia bleach and warm water.  You’ll need to wear a respiratory face mask, protective clothing, rubber gloves and also cover the surrounding area.  Take out the oven shelves and use the solution to cover them.  Once covered seal the trays in a plastic bag like a bin bag.  Spray the oven with the same solution.

After several hours you can take a hose to the trays and wash away the solution making sure no pets, plants or children etc can come into contact with the solution.  Then give them a good wash with soapy water.

Next rinse the oven thoroughly with clean water.  If you are asthmatic or pregnant, find someone else to do the dirty work.  Keep pets and kids away, too.

If that all sounds far too much graft, then there is an even better solution.  Domestic cleaners in Croydon can do the job for you!  Here at Maid2Clean, we offer a professional and efficient service based on almost 2 decades of experience of home cleaning services in Croydon.

Domestic Cleaning Services In York

There is absolutely nothing better than coming home from a long, hard day’s work and your house being perfectly clean and tidy but with today’s working hours that can be difficult to achieve.  Luckily, there are now domestic cleaning companies that can offer these services at very competitive and affordable rates.

The environment is extremely important to many people and so they need to decrease the size of their carbon footprint; people need to start being more environmentally friendly and using less harmful products to help make this happen.

To make sure that you are entirely happy with your home cleaning services in York, it may be an idea to work with your cleaner to create a rota that enlists everything that your cleaner is expected to do. This means that you know that you are getting the exact service that you are paying for.

Being fortunate enough to have somebody clean your house with home cleaning services in York means that you can spend your free time with your family and friends, and maybe do things that you would not normally have time for.

There are an awful lot of reasons why you would need help with your cleaning, maybe you just do not get enough time or maybe you want a good deep spring clean done ready for the summer; whatever your reason a one off clean can be just as beneficial as a regular weekly or monthly clean.

At Maid2Clean, we offer domestic home cleaning services in York, Croydon and other locations close to you with home cleaning services that will delight you and convince you that getting a home cleaner was the best decision you ever made.

Cleaning At Your Service In Croydon

Many of us lead busy lives and although we know what we need to do, we just do not seem to have enough hours in the day. The cleaning of your house will quickly begin to slip down hill and before you know it, your house is a mess and your list of things to do is a couple of pages long and growing.

There are domestic cleaners offering home cleaning services in Croydon that will help to answer your prayers, giving you the opportunity to create your own unique cleaning regime to suit your every need. It is important that you are able to have a good working relationship with your cleaner.

Home cleaning services in Croydon are becoming even more now popular and help people out every day.  When using a home cleaning company such as Maid2Clean you can go to work or out with your family rest assured that on your return, your home will be cleaned in accordance with your cleaning regime.

There are other reasons why you may require the services of a domestic cleaning company. For instance, you may be a landlord and your tenant is moving on, so the property will need a good clean from top to toe in order for you to show it to your next prospective tenants.

Some people just need a cleaner as a one off, such as a landlord, and some need a couple of hours per week, at Maid2Clean we have domestic cleaners offering home cleaning services in Croydon to cater for all your cleaning needs.


At Maid2Clean we offer complete domestic cleaning services for many areas in the United Kingdom. Please use our locator or contact us to see if we operate near you.

Our domestic cleaning services can be a regular service or you can use it as a once off for a spring clean or house move or relocation clean. We will provide you with a checklist to select the areas and tasks that you want for cleaning, and before the day of commencement, you get to interview the domestic cleaner to make sure that you are happy with the staff member that we selected for you.

We offer domestic home cleaning services in York, domestic services in Croydon, domestic home cleaning services in Southend or even home cleaner Northstaff services. To have access to our home cleaner Northstaff team or make use of our domestic services York, domestic services in Croydon or domestic services in Southend just contact us and we will get the ball rolling.

Our domestic home cleaning services in York, domestic services in Croydon, domestic services in Southend or even home cleaner Northstaff services offer sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, the ironing of any clothing you require, the wiping of surfaces, the wiping of tiled areas, the cleaning and dusting of pictures, dusting of surface areas and cills, the polishing of floors and surfaces and the cleaning of bathrooms including baths, basins, taps, shower areas and tiled areas.

Contact us now to make use of our reliable and trustworthy domestic cleaning services. We will have replacement staff available should your domestic cleaner of choice be off sick or on holiday and will also replace your domestic cleaner at any time you ask for it.

Maid2Clean Domestic Cleaning Services Put You In Control

Maid2Clean is in the domestic cleaning services industry and provides you with an easy and reliable domestic cleaner in your home.

We have been in operation for many years and pride ourselves on being one of the leading providers of domestic cleaning services. Whether you are just looking for once off home cleaning services in Southend or whether you are looking for regular weekly home cleaning services in Southend, we are here to help you.

You will get the opportunity to do an interview with one of our vetted and insured cleaners and once you are happy with the selection that we made for you, you have the option to choose the particular cleaner to become your regular weekly cleaner.

As an area leader of domestic cleaning services or home cleaning services in Southend we can provide you with a care free service. When your chosen domestic cleaner needs to go on holiday or is not able to get to work on a specific day due to an illness or being sick, we will take care of the replacement domestic cleaner for that specific day or time period.

You get to interview the domestic cleaner that we have selected for you before the commencement date, you get to specify which days and times you would like for the domestic cleaner to come and do the work. You will also have the peace of mind that we are taking care of the domestic cleaners insurance in case of an accident and if your domestic cleaner of choice is sick or on holiday you know that we will replace you with a suitable replacement domestic cleaner.

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