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Party throughout Christmas stain free

Christmas is upon us, and at this time of year it is always a good policy to know how to remove red wine stains from soft furnishings and carpets.

Christmas is the party season and more people choose to celebrate at home with friends and family.  This is a prime opportunity for those red wine disasters to happen.  As the house gets fuller, the chances of accidents increase and red wine can be extremely difficult to remove.  However, you can avert any permanent stains by quick action ensuring that you keep beautifully clean carpets.

Maid2Clean offer expert advice and cleaning services; we would recommend pouring white wine on a red wine stain to remove it, but bear in mind that you should not use too much white wine on the spillage as this can cause the carpet to shrink.  If you feel uncertain tackling stubborn stains, consider the use of domestic cleaning in York to ensure your carpet comes up pristine.

Another great stain remover for red wine accidents is to use salt as a carpet cleaner.  Soak up the red wine by pouring salt over the affected patch of carpet, and then leave the salt to fully dry before you vacuum the excess away.

The key to both methods is to react as quickly as possible.  The stain will worsen if it is left to dry and can create permanent staining.

If you don’t notice a spillage straight away, then consider contacting home cleaning services in York to deal with the problem.

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