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Who Uses Domestic Cleaning Services?

We at Maid2Clean see a wealth of completely different people using our home cleaning services. The scope of this user base is vast and each individual has their own reasons for choosing to have a domestic cleaner in their home, but they all get the same great service time and time again.

There really is no stereotype when you look at who uses Maid2Clean. Ages of our customers range from early 20’s right up to people in retirement. There is a mix of families, single people, couples, — men and women use our services equally too.

One group of people are those that don’t have the time required to clean their home as they would wish. Some examples of these people are pilots or doctors. When they come to us they tell us that they just don’t find enough time in the day to complete basic cleaning tasks. Before long they find their home in an almost unmanageable state. That is where our regular cleaning service comes in and helps them on their way.

Every time from then on they come home they find their home in an immaculate state with a pleasant, fresh smell in the air.

Another group of people who use our service are those that can manage to clean their home but want an extra, intense deep-clean applied. This is perfect, for example, if renters are moving out and want to leave the property in the cleanest state as possible. We even clean people’s homes who are looking to sell their property but never find the time to clean it. A clean home can make all the difference when it comes to selling a property!

We also provide services to those who cannot physically manage to clean their homes, such as the frail or disabled, many of whom are house-proud but cannot, to their dismay, keep their home spic and span. In such cases we provide an unrivalled regular clean, one of which we are very proud of and help people feel proud of their homes again.

Busy working couples or singles also come looking for our aid. We provide ironing as part of our standard service and often find that these people never have the time, or will, to iron their clothes. We provide much needed and sought after services to help people focus on what they want to do with their time.

So as you can see we provide cleaning services to a plethora of customers in a complete range of circumstances and personal situations. We empower people to take back their free time and spend it how they wish to: with friends or engaging in activities and hobbies that they truly enjoy instead of being stuck vacuuming the carpets or talking the mountain of ironing. So why not take a peek at what services we provide and maybe you can find a large quantity of valuable free time on your hands!

Cleaners in Your Home – What Are The Risks?


The question, surely, at the top of everyone’s list when pondering a home cleaning service: What are the risks of having a cleaner in my home? Maid2Clean can ease your mind…

For many years Maid2Clean have been providing professional domestic cleaning services helping over 2 million people keep their homes clean. This is why we, above anyone else, can take away the risks in your home.

First and foremost are our cleaners. They provide the service for you and represent us in your home. We ensure every cleaner in our database is not only vetted/checked but also inspected at their own homes. This ensures we can view their individual cleaning abilities to enable us to provide you with a premium cleaning experience. Each cleaner is also professionally trained to Maid2Cleans own special procedures.

We understand having a stranger in your home may, at first, be odd but rest assured that we take identification seriously. We make sure a face-to-face interview is taken with potential cleaners who are required to provide formal ID and references meaning we know who to trust. You even meet with your selected cleaner before any work begins, meaning you can get to know and instruct on certain jobs.

Accidents happen. Our cleaners take every care possible while in your home and treat your possessions as such. If a breakage occurs, however, you can fall back on our insurance which is included in the fee. This includes a £1,000,000 public liability insurance. Our cleaners are even insured against injury whilst in your home too.

Maid2Clean have reduce the risk to you and your home to an absolute minimum so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote today!

Ask Yourself: What Must my Cleaner Do?

With more and more people taking on domestic cleaning services from all over, it’s imperative that you assess and address what you want your cleaner to do to get the most out of your time with them.


While other cleaning service providers may waiver responsibility on important cleaning tasks, you can be sure that Maid2Clean won’t. We provide the most important and useful cleaning tasks possible. Whether you want your ironing ironed, skirting boards cleaned, surfaces polished, floors mopped, bathroom cleaned, ceilings dusted or even internal glass cleaned: We’ve got it sorted.

It’s important to first check your house to find out the most important jobs to you. For example: If you struggle with back pain then you may want our cleaners to undertake cleaning duties that are low to the ground, like dusting the bottom shelf of your bookcase. Once you’ve picked out the most important duties let your cleaner know and they will happily oblige. Don’t worry though, you can change your list of duties at any time if, for instance, you suddenly have a large pile of ironing building up or your kitchen floor is besieged with mud.

Duties you may think should be part of the standard cleaning service are not always honoured by many cleaning service providers. Some providers won’t dust ceilings or iron clothes. Others charge extra for these services. Maid2Clean are different to the rest: We include everything above in the total hourly rate, meaning no nasty hidden costs can come out and bite.

If you would like to see the range of services and duties we offer please view our cleaning services page or, if you would like to know more, feel free to contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.

Spring Cleaning Maid Easy!

How time flies… Christmas and new year have only just passed and we’re ¼ way through the year meaning it’s time to spring clean! Many people have got in touch to ask if we offer a spring cleaning service and, to their delight, we do! Depending on the size of your home and location we can provide a one off deep clean at very competitive hourly rates. Perfect if your house needs a good sprucing up.


We tackle your dusting, sweeping, glass cleaning, ironing and more housekeeping duties than you can shake a feather duster at. And this is all part of the basic rate! With just a one-off agency fee and a low-cost hourly cleaner rate you can have peace of mind that it won’t cost you the earth.

In fact, many of our clients have been so pleased with the service they received from the one-off clean they took out a regular, weekly clean with us, so their homes never get into a messy state again.

tick Cleaners are checked and insured

tick All housekeeping duties are included in the price

tick Competitive hourly rates

tick Local cleaners to you

You can see all the services we provide, and a more detailed explanation, on our cleaning services page.

Suffolk Franchisee made Network Leader

Maid2Clean (Suffolk) franchisee Sue Hall has just been made Network leader for a new Wire (Women in Rural Enterprise) branch opening in Ipswich in November . As a result of this appointment, she has also been selected as one of the WiRE delegates to attend the Rural Action Day in Bishops Stortford on Friday 8 October. Present at this event will be Mark Prisk MP, Minister for Business and Enterprise. Also present will be Stuart Burgess CBE, Commission for Rural Communities, Chairman of the Countryside Agency and the Government’s Rural Advocate.

Sue is delighted to be asked to attend, especially as she has not even launched her WiRE group yet! “A huge part of my franchise area is in rural areas and I know some of my fellow franchisees have the same challenges. It is extremely important to be asked to add to the rich diversity of rural businesses that are represented at this event – and to be the only one representing a national franchise organisation.”

Sue Hall
Maid2Clean (Suffolk) Ltd
0800 878 6388
07722 121 325

Finding a cleaner in Birmingham

Living in a large city such as Manchester can be an advantage for anyone who has to commute to another area or into the city for their place of work, with comprehensive rail, road and air travel available. However, daily commuting is time consuming and exhausting, leaving you with very little energy for tasks at home such as cleaning or laundry. One available option is to hire a cleaner who can come into your home daily, weekly or just for a spring clean. You will be able to have your cleaning done for you, enabling you to do minimal tidying before putting your feet up.

There are several home cleaning services in Manchester offering to do ironing as well as keep your home spick and span. Before hiring a cleaner, it is perfectly acceptable to interview them yourself to ensure that you are going to get on well. You should also discuss any special requirements for cleaning such as the products used or the frequency of cleaning appliances. Make sure the company you select has insured their cleaners as well as carrying out security checks as you will be trusting the cleaner to be in your home while you are working.

Here at Maid2Clean, we personally interview prospective cleaners in their own home as well as obtaining proof of ID and references. You will interview your cleaner prior to working for you, to ensure your satisfaction with your home cleaner insouth Cheshire, for example.

Finding a home cleaner in Croydon, for example, could save you a large amount of time and make it possible for you to spend your free time relaxing rather than cleaning.

Time to clean

For many people with a busy lifestyle, housework is very often the last item on the agenda which results in household chores piling up or a last minute dash trying to sort through chaos. When a person has a full schedule with very little spare time, it is often crucial that their home is clutter free and organised as this helps to maintain peace and calm. Working in a city such as Manchester may also involve commuting which is extremely tiring. Employing a cleaner may be a solution to the household chores.

Finding a reputable company is essential as the cleaner may need to hold keys to your property, which is why you should look for a company that carries out stringent security checks on each cleaner. Here at Maid2Clean we have a team of domestic cleaners in Manchester who are thoroughly vetted and happy for you to carry out an interview in your own home. Employing a cleaning company can ensure you have a clean home which is comfortable to return to after a long and stressful day, leaving you free to relax or entertain friends.

If your household budget is a high priority, finding a home cleaner in York or Manchester, amongst many cities we work within, at a great price is important for you. The cost and the standard of cleaning should be looked at closely when choosing a cleaner. Many people choose to employ a cleaner from a larger company who will undertake all the security checks, so that you can interview your prospective cleaner without having to worry. We offer house cleaning services in Croydon, north west Kent, and other UK locations.

Taking care of your flooring

Hardwood floors

Keeping hardwood floors in excellent condition is critical when ensuring that you maintain the value of the flooring as well as the natural beauty of the wood. Hardwood can be easily scratched and damaged which create a dull surface appearance so it is essential to keep grit and dirt off the floor. You can keep on top of this with a regular vacuuming regime once a week or giving the floor a weekly sweep.

You need to tackle any spillages as and when they happen. If you leave liquid on the hardwood it will start to seep into the seams and joints of the wood and can lead to permanent damage. Once you clean up a spillage make sure you remove and moisture with a dry cloth.

Keeping tiles easy is relatively easy. Keep them vacuumed or brushed on a weekly basis, and then mop over using a mild floor detergent and hot water. In times when they are very soiled, repeat the mopping several times until clean.

Knowing how to clean your own property can be a difficult undertaking, yet there are people who can help. We provide full home cleaning services in Altrincham, as well as other locations around the country. Our home cleaning services are carried out by the best cleaners available, and you can be sure that when you use our home cleaning services your home will be in good hands. Home cleaning services from Maid2Clean UK can rejuvenate your home.

Getting that sparkling kitchen

A cluttered kitchen with an overflowing sink of dirty dishes is enough to make anyone feel depressed. If you let a kitchen get out of hand you can soon feel overwhelmed. However, with these tips you’ll have a sparkling, welcoming kitchen in no time:

Get all your cleaning equipment together, as this will make sure you can really get stuck into the task. You’ll need a general kitchen cleaner, some cleaning clothes, scrubbers and sponges, paper towels, an oven cleaner, rubber gloves, a dustpan and brush, mop and bucket, floor cleaner and a vacuum cleaner.
While the dishes soak, use the time to clear and wipe the counter tops. Also, return items to the cupboards, fridge and pantry. Throw any rubbish away.

If you have a dishwasher, put those items that can be safely washed in the appliance and start it up. Leave any heavily soiled dishes to be washed by hand. If you don’t have a dishwasher, enlist the help of family to wash, rinse and dry.

If you don’t have time to tackle big kitchen jobs, you may want to consider using home cleaning services. We offer house cleaning services in various localities, including Northwich, Kent and other areas. At Maid2Clean we offer professional house cleaning services in Crewe and Altrincham to Croydon and Stoke on Trent. Some people may feel strange about hiring a service to clean their home, but house cleaning services can make a real difference, and make it look better than it may have done in years.

Tips for tackling those chores you love to hate

Keeping your home clean and pristine can seem like a full time job. In our busy lives we often only have time to skim the household chores, often leaving some of the nitty-gritty cleaning until it becomes a major project. Here are some tips for tackling some of the least loved elements of cleaning at home:

Greasy roasting pans

Everyone hates cleaning ovens and the roasting pan can sometime get neglected. Burnt-on food can be a devil to get off so simply pour in some boiling water add some biological powder and leave to simmer for around 10 minutes. The grease will then come off with minimum effort.

Finger printed stainless steel

Stainless steel counters and surfaces can look stunning when clean but often they get covered in greasy marks. A micro fibre cloth can remove them quickly so that they shine once more.

Food encrusted microwaves

We’ve all done it; You overheat a favourite curry and it explodes in the microwave. The microwave is now encrusted with a curry mess that seems to be welded onto every surface. However you can quickly get rid of the debris by putting a small dish of lemon slices and hot water into the microwave and turning it on for 5 minutes. The steam created will soften the food stains and the lemon will leave a lovely citrus fragrance.

If you simply don’t have time to keep on top of these chores then domestic cleaning services in Manchester can help you to keep a clean home. At Maid 2 Clean we have home cleaning services available through the Manchester area.

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