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Cleaning for Cancer this Christmas

I network a lot in my Suffolk patch and meet a lot of people.  I even run my own branch of Women in Rural Enterprise  Through my networking, I met the lovely people at

Like most charities there is never enough money and are very aware that charity fatigue can set in quickly!  We talked about one of the initiatives they were thinking about which was the 12 days of Christmas and a raffle draw on each day.  Perhaps some of my cleaners would be prepared to be a raffle prize, donating 2-3 hours of their precious free time to clean a house as one of the prizes?  What a great idea and I was very happy to see if my Maid2Cleaners would want to support this very worthwhile cause in this way.

I was touched that 5 Ipswich cleaners have happily come forward to do this in the New Year.  I will of course be waiving our agency fee so this will truly be a free gift for each winner.  In addition, I have also arranged for one of the CCIS educators to speak to my networking group next year, taking the view that as many people as possible should be as informed as possible in order to be as helpful as possible.

Dear Sue and her team,

I just wanted to say thank you for your support with this event idea.

As you know the aims & vision of the Cancer Campaign in Suffolk are to reduce ‘the fears of cancer’ through education, raising awareness and by encouraging the public to openly discuss the disease, its emotions & care.  To make advice on prevention, self examination, recognising signs and symptoms of cancer, friendly support and information available to Suffolk as part of the role of our cancer specialist team and staff. 

We also provide vital complementary therapies through our John LeVay Cancer Information Centre to patients helping them through their diagnosis and treatment.

We continue to provide other services including equipment within the cancer field, local advice and as the need arises develop new projects to benefit cancer patients, their carers and families in our county.

You have totally embraced what we are trying to do as a local charity and we are delighted to welcome you as a friend of CCIS.  Your team are also doing you proud which is fantastic and means that the people of Suffolk really care about what we do.

Kind regards

Sue Hall, Maid2Clean Suffolk.

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