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Clutter Busting #3 — Conundrum of Cluttering Clothes

If you have followed our two previous clutter busting tips (see #1 and #2) you should, by now, start to see some improvement in minimising your clutter around the home. Another major problem many people tend to face are clothes.

Clothes are in some cases expensive and we never want to damage, loose or, ultimately, throw away these possessions.

Clearing the clothes clutter can be easy: you only have a few shirts, t-shirts, trousers and two pairs of jeans. This can go anywhere in the bedroom and takes no time to maintain for washing or ironing. On the other hand: you could have 30 different types of clothing with a pair of shoes to match each outfit. This takes a lot of work to manage and store.

Many of us have formal dresses or suits that are only ever worn on special occasions. These types of clothes are almost always found tucked to one side in the wardrobe, taking valuable space from other clothes. Put such items in dust-proof clothing bags and store appropriately. It’s important to, if storing for a period of time, store clothes in a dry, quiet and safe place. Suits and dresses should be hung during storage as to avoid unsightly, hard-to-rid, creases. Avoid storing clothes under the bed as this is just hiding problems away and can take up valuable storage space for items that you use far more than these types of clothes.

It can also be wise to pack and store clothes according to the season. Ask yourself: “how often am I going to use this vest during winter?” Make the most of empty suitcases by storing seasonal clothes within.

Tackle ironing as soon as you get a chance. Those annoying piles of clothes found in your spare room or living room are taking up important areas and give your home a much cluttered feeling. You can even iron as you go for an even more effective clutter busting campaign.

Never let your washing bin/basket overflow. While it is important to, for environmentally friendly reasons, never wash with a half load don’t use this as a reason to let the bin or basket fill over the brim. For the more driven of clutter buster have two washing bins: 1 for white clothes and 1 for colour clothes. This means you always have an accurate idea of how much washing you have in the bin at any one time, instead of guessing how much is for one wash and how much is for another.

At the end of a long hard day you feel like you just want to jump straight into bed. Always make sure that before you clamber into your duvets you sort and put away any clothes you have worn that day, putting anything for the wash straight into its washing bin. This is a perfect way to reduce the amount of clutter you will find in your home on a day to day basis. And what’s more you’ll find your cleaning tasks will take no time at all.

Lastly you can reduce your amount of clothes in your wardrobe. Every season go through your wardrobe and sort what you want to keep from what you don’t. Anything that you decide you don’t want to keep you can look for a new home. Ask around your family or friends to see if they want it. Or you can look for a local firm who buy textiles and materials to make some money from your old clothes! Alternatively you can donate you clothes to any number of charities who will be more than grateful at your donation.

We, at Maid2Clean Warwick, offer ironing as part of our standard service, so clothes will never clutter your life again! View our cleaning services page to see what we can offer you, or get in touch today to get your FREE quote.

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