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Clutter Busting #2 – Frowning On Unused Furniture

One of the many reasons why clutter generates can be because of the lack of usable space. You may not have enough room for an in/out tray (see clutter busting #1) so letters and papers get left wherever there is an empty space, no matter how small or where it is. A lot of the time this is because of unused, unloved furniture getting in the way.

One solution to this is to just get rid. A rickety old stool being levelled by a book that is shoved in the corner of the kitchen is of no use to anyone, so dismantle if possible and remove it from your home using the safest and most environmentally way possible. Some councils offer to remove furniture for a fee or you can see if there are any local firms or charities who are looking for old wood/furniture for recycling.

Not all of your unused furniture will be decrepit and unusable though. Some of the furniture that is never used can be in good condition or a cherished purchase/gift. In these cases store the item(s) in question away. Make use of the spare space in your loft or garage but avoid moving it to another room in your house, or risk simply moving the problem on, which, after time, you could find yourself reliving the same old clutter problems. When storing furniture, especially soft furniture (sofas or padded furniture and so on), remember to protect the surfaces against scratches, rips or damp. Cover the furniture with tarpaulin or sheets to avoid dust build up or tarnishing of the surface.

If you have unused furniture that is always in the way, consider having a furniture shift around. Move furniture into spots where clutter can’t collect around or behind it and try to move furniture away from paths in your home. If possible, ensure sofas or chairs have their backs as flat against the wall. This not only maximises usable space in your home but also minimises any possible areas for clutter to gather.

Selling your furniture is another solution. Advertise in the local paper or take the furniture to a car boot sale for a quick, easy sell. This not only gets rid of the suspect in question from your home and makes you money, but it also is environmentally friendly by reusing instead of discarding.

Using these simple steps gains you more space in your home and does away with any possible clutter magnets.

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