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Glitter and Tinsel!

Who can resist a bit of sparkle when it comes to putting up your Christmas decorations? I certainly can’t.

Decking the halls brings it’s own cleaning challenges, so here are some handy hints to help keep on top of your cleaning as you put your decorations up. Start by having a good clean up before the decorations go up, clear clutter out of the way, and maybe put some things that are usually on display away to make room. Choose where you are going to put your decorations carefully so that they are not causing an obstruction.

Glitter and tinsel, (along with pine needles if you have a real tree), have to be public enemy number 1 when it comes to creating extra mess.

When choosing your tree, choose a variety that is less prone to dropping it’s needles and make sure it is regularly watered, kept away from direct heat, check regularly for dropped needles and have the vacuum handy. Alternatively get a good quality artificial tree , that doesn’t have lots of loose bits of tinsel. Or be a minimalist and choose a tree like this…

I prefer to use ribbons to tinsel, but with a young child who loves tinsel, we have to put some out. Before placing it on your tree, give it a shake outside to remove loose bits. I still find lots of loose bits on my carpet when I’ve finished, but every little helps (sorry to pinch Tesco’s tag line!). Don’t be tempted to run for the vacuum cleaner as tinsel can cause blockages, use a dustpan and brush to clear this up when you’ve finished decorating.

If you use glitter covered decorations, have an artists paint brush or some tissues handy so that you can gently remove any loose glitter before displaying them. Rather than having lots of glitter covered decorations, choose a few larger key items to show off that sparkle. Give any delicate decorations that have been stored away a gentle dusting with a paint brush or a wipe with tissues. Garlands can be cleaned using an air brush or by placing an old pair of tights over the vacuum, (This method is also great for your festive smelling pot pouri without sucking it all up the vacuum).

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