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On this page we've tried to provide some helpful tips for tackling those difficult stains and awkward cleaning jobs. If you have any tips not covered here that you'd like to share please send them to us.

Blocked Sinks

Blocked sinks can be a real problem and it's always better to prevent the problem rather than have to fix it later! To prevent your sink from becoming blocked put a few tea spoons of salt down it every couple of weeks followed by boiling water straight from the kettle. The combination of salt and boiling water helps to unblock and clean the pipes.

If you're going on holiday, try pouring some baking soda down your drains and plug holes before you go away to keep them smelling fresh for your return.

Baking Soda

This is a very versatile cleaning product and completely harmless to most surfaces. Use a damp cloth sprinkled with baking soda to get rid of heavy dirt and grime. The baking soda will cut straight through the grease.

Glass Cleaning

Common ways of cleaning glass effectively are using glass cleaners and chamois leathers. Apply the glass cleaner with a cloth and buff up with another dry cloth.

Removing Stickers

Removing stickers is often a problem on most surfaces, leaving behind a sticky, dust-collecting residue. Nail varnish remover is very effective at removing these stubborn marks.

For other sticky materials such as chewing gum on carpets, don't try to pull it off. Freeze it by placing ice cubes on it and, once frozen, it will break off easily.

Red Wine Stains

Spilt red wine is perhaps the most notorious of stains -- not just the sight of it, but also the pungent smell. Using common salt can help to remove these stains by soaking up the colour. Sprinkle a little salt over the stained area and leave to absorb the colour. Then simply brush the salt off the area and use biological detergent to remove the remaining stain.

Oven Cleaning

Purchase a general oven cleaner from your supermarket and apply to your whole oven, after removing all rods and trays. Use a sponge and scourer to remove any stubborn build-ups and rinse with clean hot water.


The most thorough way of cleaning mini-blinds is to take them off of the window and wash them in the bathtub using a mild detergent, warm water and a sponge. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

Leather Furniture

Cleaning leather is a lot different from common sofa materials. Instead of using a vacuum on the sofas it is best to use a damp clean cloth to remove dust.

These cleaning tips are provided purely for information. Please note that Maid2Clean cannot assume any responsibility for these methods. It is up to the reader to determine if any of the hints given are safe and suitable for their own situation.